SHooting & Editing Course

The SHooting & Editing Course

learn how to...

Get confident with your camera and take beautiful photos

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amy & Jordan's

SHooting & Editing Course

The SHooting & Editing Course

learn how to...

Get confident with your camera and take beautiful photos

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amy & Jordan's



the fast, easy, fun way to get results

the fast, easy, fun way to get results

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“By far the best money I've ever spent!”

Purchasing this course was BY FAR the best money I have ever spent! Investing in education with Amy and Jordan was so worth it and I couldn't be more excited about the things I have learned. I feel so much more confident when I get behind the lens and when I go into editing. Thank you so much, y'all! 

Shea | Mississippi

“Mind blown! Simple and effective!”

Just finished Amy and Jordan's Shooting and Editing Course. My God. I am mind blown. Such an amazing, well thought out and entertaining course. Simple and effective!”

hannah | los angeles

“This course has been an absolute life changer!”

Amy and Jordan, I didn't know how to use a camera five months ago. This course has been an absolute life changer. Thank you both so much!

marcelA | Boston

“A&J are such good teachers I can see myself improving with each lesson!”

I just want to thank Amy and Jordan for literally changing my photography life. My photos are like night and day compared to what they were before. A&J are such good teachers that I can see myself improving with each lesson right before my eyes!

bianca | philadelphia

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Take a peek inside our most popular course... 

Our Most Popular Course

say hello to gorgeous photos

take a peek inside

take a peek inside




you are not alone


I have a "nice camera" but don't *really* know how to use it. 


I feel nervous before I shoot because I feel like I'm guessing and just hoping for the best.


Editing takes me too long! I'm sick of trying to "save" my images. I feel trapped behind my computer screen. 


It looks so easy for everyone else. Why can't I get my photos to look the way I want them to?


Anyone can take beautiful photos using The Shooting & Editing Course because we give you our proven step-by-step system to succeed.

- amy and jordan

With This Course    

Feel confident every time you shoot

Love the photos on the back of your camera

Edit your photos FAST and be proud of your work 

you can...

Make real money doing something you LOVE

Have a lifelong skill to preserve your own precious memories

This is Exactly what I need!
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Why Learn From Amy and Jordan?

the aj difference

the aj difference

Meet Amy and Jordan

Amy and Jordan are a husband and wife team who have been professional photographers and educators for over a decade. With no formal training in photography, they went from being elementary school teachers to making six figures as full-time wedding and portrait photographers. Their work has been featured in People Magazine, US Weekly and E!

Named "Top 10 Educators to Watch" by Rangefinder Magazine, Amy and Jordan specialize in making complicated concepts feel simple and fun. Today, they have over 30,000 students in their signature online photography courses.

When Amy and Jordan aren’t teaching, they're at home in Nashville, TN, spending time in their favorite (and most important) role: Mom and Dad to Beckett, Emily, and Ellie.

get to know your teachers

"top 10 educators to watch"- rangefinder magazine

as seen in:

- The huffington post

"While some photographers closely guard their secrets...
Amy and Jordan feel like instant friends who want you to succeed." 

I want to be part of this too!

What Are Real People Saying?

word on the street

I want to be part of this too!

What Are Real People Saying?

word on the street


Our Complete Shooting and Editing System

You get our full system for shooting *and* editing all in one course. Everything you need to take photos you're proud to call yours.

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like 2 courses, for the price of 1

Instant. Unlimited. Lifetime Access.

get started right now

No membership fee. No annual subscription. Always available.

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Here's what you get when you enroll

20+ Hours of Engaging Video Lessons

150+ Page Digital Student Workbook

Access to Private Facebook Community

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editing for high speed & high quality

harsh light & other tricky situations 

how to keep your work consistent

editing different light in different locations 

our step-by-step editing system

09. Editing

Love your photos. Get your life back.

click by click approach to cut culling time

storage, backup & image saftey Essentials 

Our efficient system for image selection

make confident choices like a pro

learn how to select the best images fast

08. Culling

Choose the best images faster than ever

steal our exact settings

the real deal with jpeg v. raw

The settings you Need

Get our favorite custom settings

Go inside our camera

07. Camera Settings

Feel confident with your camera

love to show people the back of your camera

helpful tricks to speed up editing time 

nail skin tones of all shades

proven system for custom white balance

our secret to perfect color in camera

06. White Balance

Perfect colors, every time

secrets for capturing movement

how to get large groups in focus

troubleshooting technique checklist

Our complete focus framework

never feel the fear of soft focus again

05. Nailing Focus

Say hello to tack sharp images

using the gear you have strategically 

understanding focal length

steps to creating creamy backgrounds

how to choose the best lens every time

our checklist for the dreamiest effects

04. Depth of Field

Learn the secrets to dreamy images

unlock the secret power of each setting

master Exposure, Shutter Speed & ISO

camera jargon made simple

simple, 3 step process to nail settings

fall in love with manual mode

03. Manual Mode

Say goodbye to guesswork

THe BEST strategic angles

killer techniques for amazing images

shooting for wow-factor

The advanced twist

critcial composition fundamentals

02. Composition

Take your photos to the next level

MAking Images Pop with light 

choosing the best spot every time

solving tricky lighting problems

how to see & master natural light

The most common lighting mistakes

01. Lighting

Know where to shoot in any location

Here's What You'll Learn


real testimonials

Straight from our Students

How much does The Shooting & Editing Course cost?

How much does The Shooting & Editing Course cost?

better question: how much is *not* having it already costing you?


How much TIME are you wasting trying to figure it out yourself and feeling dissatisfied with the result?


How many HOURS are you wasting trapped behind a computer screen editing one photo at a time?


How much MONEY are you losing because your work isn't high quality enough to charge higher prices?


How much time are you losing with PEOPLE you love because editing takes too long?

Worth every penny

One Low Price

+ college degree: $40,000

+ similar courses: $1,000+

+ this course: only $597!

enroll now!

Your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner. 

According to a student survey, within one year of enrolling, our average student makes an additional $15,000 with photography, which is 25x return on their investment in this course. A session that used to take them seven hours to edit now only takes them one, which means they're saving six hours per session. Throughout the year, that's 100+ hours of saved time.

Our Average Student...

Makes an Extra $15,000 with photography

4x their portrait session bookings

doubles their weddings & prices

saves 6 hours of editing per session

According to a student survey, within one year of enrolling

What would you do with an extra $15k and 100 hours per year?

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100% Money Back Guarantee

The Shooting & Editing Course is backed by our honest 100% money back guarantee. So there's ZERO RISK to you! If you purchase the course, watch all the lessons, complete the workbook and, in good faith, tell us you're not a better photographer as a result of the course, email us within 30 days of your purchase with your completed workbook and we'll refund your entire purchase.

money back 


But we're confident you won't need it.
Because if you do the work,
this stuff works. 

"I went to school for photography and learned more from A&J!"

I instantly fell in love with Amy and Jordan's teaching. Shortly after finishing their course, I've never been more proud of my work. They're amazing and I can't even express what they've done for me and my business."

— kara

“I still can't believe I took these photos!”

I AM CRYING! I just put my finishing touches on my gallery. I still can't believe I took these photos. I have found my style. No more questioning it. Amy and Jordan are 110% worth the investment and I am SO grateful for them!

Crystal | Lochbuie, COlorado

“It seriously changed EVERYTHING for me!”

I am SO thankful I invested in this course. It has seriously changed EVERYTHING for me. Worth every penny and more!

Rebecca | Euless, TEXAS


This course is worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY! Thanks soooo much Amy and Jordan a million times over! 


“Even without a business, this course is still SO worth it!”

Can I just say, even if I don't have a successful business ever in photography, this course is still SO worth it!! Captured 15 month old photos tonight of my son, got 45 shots in 20 minutes and I already edited them all!!!!! So grateful for this course that I will have awesome photos of my son as he continues to grow up! 




soon, you will join the people saying...

Soon you'll be saying...

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Went from shooting 2 sessions to 20
Raised her prices by 5x!

Before enrolling, Morgan had only photographed two sessions for $100 each. The year after enrolling, she implemented what she learned, improved the quality of her work, and was able to raise her prices to $500 per session! And this time... she didn't book two... she booked TWENTY! She made back what she invested in this course 25 times over! 

morgan made 25x her course investment in one year

student success stories

Went from driving a school bus to full-time, six-figure photographers

Anna and Ryan were both teachers and Ryan was driving the school bus to make extra money. ⁣⁣They signed up for our free online photography class and told us with a laugh that they were both *positive* they were NOT going to enroll in our full course. Money was tight and they didn’t know if they could swing it. But they did it anyway. They enrolled, applied everything they learned in the courses and kept pushing. They went from making $21,000 in their photography business last year to, this year, bringing in over $100,000 (!!) Next year? They have close to $200,000 already on the books (!!) They’ve quit their day jobs. No more driving school buses. No more wishing for more time together. No more dreading Mondays. Now they get to work from home together, loving and serving people the way they always dreamed! ⁣⁣

anna & ryan don't dread mondays anymore

Charging people money for her photos for the very first time

Sarah got a nice camera for Christmas, but didn't know where to start. She enrolled as a hobbyist, and after completing the course, she's confident with her camera, proud of her photos and charging money for her pictures for the very first time. She told us finding photography helped her battle her postpartum depression and sparked new joy in her new life as a mom.

Sarah Has a new way to make money

enroll now!

there are literally thousands of these

"Clicking your Facebook ad was the first day to my new life!"

I was scared I was going to be a waitress with college debt for the rest of my life. I now know that clicking your Facebook ad was the first day to my new life. It's now been a year since I invested in The Shooting & Editing Course. One year ago, I was delivering cringe worthy galleries and I wanted to throw up before every session. I was basically working for free.

I went from knowing almost nothing to booking clients who trust me and value my work. I just wanted to say that you made the impossible possible. Although this has been the hardest year I have ever worked, it has been my most valuable year of life. Thank you doesn't even go far enough.

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— Jeannine

Single mom, waitress, living with parents is now a full-time photographer with her own place, paying for her daughter's private education

brittany changed her daughter's life forever


"This course pulled me from the deepest depression of my life to living my dreams."

sharon found a new passion & purpose for her life

Skeptical of the course before enrolling, now she's a full-time photographer staying home with her baby

naomi thought it looked too good to be true 

there are literally thousands of these

enroll now!

question 01

I'm new to photography. Is this for me?

Yes!  This is the course we wish we had when we were getting started. Most photography education is full of dry, confusing technical jargon, but we make learning simple and fun, so anyone can learn.  

Is This Course Right For Me?


sue ellen was brand new to photography

“I was shooting mostly JPEG in automatic mode, and using presets to make up for my lack of skill and knowledge. It took me FOREVER to edit my images.”

"I was completely overwhelmed and honestly super insecure. I was learning through YouTube videos, experimentation and online forums. But to sift through ALL of that information to find the stuff that was truly helpful was beyond daunting. I played around with my camera, and I “kind of” knew how to use it, but I never really sat down and dedicated time to learning. I was scared and making up excuses.

I wasn’t comfortable with manual mode at all.  I had this dream that I so badly wanted to pursue, but I felt that with each passing day, there was just too much. I didn't know what information to trust. I was met with extreme judgement when asking questions in forums. I felt like it would be YEARS before I was ready to call myself a photographer. YEARS before I could actually pursue photography fully. I had a lot of self doubt... that I was good enough to do this.

Then, I learned Amy and Jordan’s Shooting and Editing system. I felt encouraged, enriched and more confident. I believed in myself again." 

Sue Ellen, Mexico

Amy and Jordan basically took YEARS away from trial and error learning, and allowed me to focus on shooting well from the beginning." 

a few weeks before learning our system

one month later

shaina finally had some free time again

“Working with Blaire was one of the best decisions I've made in my business. It's literally been game-changing.”

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Next Case Study 

question 02

I don't have the same camera as you. Will it work for me?

Absolutely! The photographer makes the photo, not the gear. Most of our students enroll with entry level cameras and lenses that are different than ours, but because they implement what we teach, they're able to create images they love with the gear they have. 

student photos taken with entry level gear

question 03

I'm experienced. Will I get anything out of this?

Yes! We have students with college degrees in photography and over a decade of experience who recommend this course.

Experienced photographers say...

straight from students

Experienced photographers love this course...

straight from the students

question 04

I'm so busy right now. Should I still enroll?

100% Yes! You can binge-watch it Netflix style, or watch at your own pace and convenience. There’s no homework or assignments due, so no stress! You get lifetime unlimited access to the course, so you can watch and rewatch at any time. This course will save you so much time editing you'll wish you enrolled sooner! Our average student makes an extra $15K and over 100 hours of editing time per year!

This course gives you precious time back 

save time. lots of time.

This course gives you precious time back 

straight from students

question 05

The internet is mean. What is your community like?

Our family of AJ Students is one of the warmest, safest places to learn and grow on the internet. Photographers support each other online and in person all over the globe. Many people meet their new photography bestie through our group.

A warm, supportive and encouraging place to learn

straight from the students

Your favorite place on the internet

straight from students

question 06

What if I don't wanna be a pro photographer?

Still so worth it! This course gives you a lifelong skill that you can use to document your own everyday, personal life for generations to come. You'll never regret having a lifetime of great photos of the people you love most. Take a look at these student photos of their own children! Priceless. 

students' own children 

This course is SO worth it!

straight from the students

This course is SO worth it!

straight from students

time is money. get it back, 

seriously fast editing times

According to a survey, the average student edits their sessions 85% faster, saving an average of six hours per session. 

time is money. get it back

seriously fast editing times

According to a survey, the average student edits their sessions 85% faster, saving an average of six hours per session. 

This course is PERFECT for you if...

manual mode intimidates you

you want to nail your photos in camera

you're mostly shooting in auto mode

editing takes too long 

You're a new photographer & want to fast track your growth 

You're experienced, but want to go to the next level 

You wanna spend less time behind a computer screen 

Your photos aren't as consistent as you want them to be 

You're more of a hobbyist, but still love photography

You want to go full time with photography and make real money

If you're still on the fence, students want you to know...

straight from students

If you're still on the fence, students want you to know...

straight from the students

We believe in this course because we know it works. We've seen thousands of students' lives changed forever because they decided to take an important step and invest in a proven plan. But you don't need to take our word for it. Instead, take a look at what people like you are saying about The Shooting & Editing Course. 

See what real students are saying about their results

Don't take it from us

Amazing photos and seriously fast editing times are just one click away!

We're so excited to welcome you to the wildly popular Shooting & Editing Course and show you exactly how to take the photos you've been dreaming of. The plan is in place. All you need to do is take the next step. We'll take care of the rest. 

Enroll now!