Amy & Jordan host live, in-person workshops in their hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona inspiring photographers to build successful business that change lives. By equipping, empowering, and encouraging attendees with real, practical, applicable ways to get from where they are to where they want to be. 
Because success isn’t for the chosen few, it’s for those who choose.
In 2011, we shot         weddings. Total. We were working day jobs as elementary school teachers while working as hard as we could on nights and weekends chasing a distant, elusive dream of owning our own successful photography business one day, wondering if there was really room for two more photographers in our city. 

We remember what it was like to grind. it. out. To shoot anything that moved. To give our heart and soul to something but still feel unsatisfied with the results. To want more. To decide we were all in. And to turn our dream into a reality.

Two years after we shot that first wedding, we went full-time, together. Today, we shoot about 35 weddings per year in Scottsdale’s luxury market and are truly living our dream.

A lot of people ask us how we did that. How we built the momentum we needed to bring in six-figures each year, work with our ideal clients, and live the life we only used to dream about. We created the AJ Workshop for them. For you! It’s a full two-day educational experience where we open up our playbook and share all the secrets, systems, and strategies that got us from a day job and a dream to a successful, thriving, in-demand wedding photography business— and fast!

This workshop isn’t theoretical. It’s not pie-in-the-sky. And it isn’t coming from two people who don’t know what you’re going through. It’s education that works. How do we know? Because we’re living it! We’ve taught almost a hundred others how to do it. And now we can show you, too!
What's the Aj WORKSHOP?
The first day will cover our shooting process from start to finish, from finding great light, composition tips and tricks, and posing naturally, to nailing perfect exposure and white balance in-camera, to the basic elements of our off-camera flash setup at receptions and our step-by-step post-processing system. Day one will also include a professionally designed portfolio-building styled shoot that will provide a chance to watch us interact with a real couple and hands-on opportunities for you to put into practice what you've learned, too. 
On day two, we'll dive into everything that makes our business tick, from identifying and marketing to your ideal client, to running meetings, setting pricing, and getting more bookings, to building momentum through social media and blogging, and so much more. Day two will also include an updated head shot for each attendee. We believe one of the best ways to build relationships is breaking bread together, so a light breakfast, full lunch and dinner, snacks, and hot and cold beverages are included on both days! You’ll leave the workshop with real, practical, applicable tools for growth in your business, motivation to propel you forward, and a community of photographers to support you.
First things first
Scottsdale, Arizona 
Scottsdale, Arizona 
Sunday Welcome Night 
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Monday & Tuesday
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Full Price - $2,200
Early Bird Rate - $1,899
Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, head straight to Amy and Jordan's workshop and don't even consider going anywhere else. It was the best educational experience I’ve had in my entire life. Better than any sermons. More life-changing than almost any formal Bible study I've done. Better than any class or workshop or seminar. It's one of the most inspiring marriages I've ever seen: they actually BE what they are FOR, and that makes such a strong statement for marriage. That’s why the workshop was so powerful. It was photography, marketing, and writing, all the things that I love, but it was also about faith, hope, truth, and love, which is such a rare find in any business setting. That’s really what made it so impactful.
Michele • Denver, CO
It's two days after the workshop and I just edited an entire session in less than an hour! This is my all-time fastest record!! It used to take HOURS, sometimes even days, because I'd get frustrated and walk away. THANK YOU Amy and Jordan for teaching us your workflow! You are a life saver!!!
 Megan • Gilbert, AZ
I can't even. I woke up this morning halfway wondering if the past two full days were a dream. My world was rocked. My heart is overflowing. And my mind is blown. I'm bursting at the seems to start applying what I learned and transform my business.
Lindsay • Las Cruces, NM
Because of what I learned, I’m so much faster and more efficient in all areas of my business. It’s 9:30 on Saturday morning and instead of sitting behind my desk looking at a computer screen, my work is already done and I’m headed to the park to play with my girls.
Carrie • Tucson, AZ 
Before I worked with Amy and Jordan, I felt lost in the enormous sea of photography world not knowing which way to swim or how close the shoreline was. I felt like giving up so many times because I didn’t feel like I was good enough, but as I sit here this morning, sipping my coffee, trying to comprehend all that was poured into me over the past two days, I have tears running down my cheeks and a heart that feels like it could explode. Because for the first time in a long time, I believe in myself again.
Torey Salyer • Tucson, AZ
It’s hands down, the best investment I have made in my business, my clients and myself. It’s worth twice what I invested and I walked out with more than a handful of ways I could immediately start shaping my business into what I truly want it to be.
Erika • Virginia Beach, VA
This workshop is a game-changer. I walked in Monday morning feeling empty and alone, but walked away Tuesday night thrilled and excited for what the future holds! It was the most amazing experience of my life.
Alicia • Los Angeles, CA
Workshop Recaps
Read all about the AJ workshop experience.
"Seriously. You guys. This. Workshop. Is. Life-changing!"
OVERHEAD FROM Lauren • Baltimore, MD
Two days. Just two days. That's all it took to change my life.  I’m ready to go make my mark on the world.
OVERHEAD FROM Jennifer  • Austin, TX 
Emotional and powerful! Amy and Jordan are so authentic and have such a heart for loving people.
OVERHEAD FROM Eric & Jamie • Birmingham, AL
Do it! Do it! Do it! It is some of the best money you'll spend on your business and it will propel you to the next level.
In the words of Nike, "JUST DO IT!!" You'll be blown away by so many things on so many different levels. Oh, and get ready to laugh a ton, too!
OVERHEARD FROM Marcelle • Tucson, AZ
OVERHEAD FROM Terri • Fredericksburg, VA

I wish I could really articulate the fire that Amy and Jordan ignited within me.
OVERHEAD FROM Brittany & Reid • Conway, AR

We wish we could be stowaways in the suitcases of the next attendees so we could experience the AJ Workshop all over again.
The night before the workshop, we host a donut party near the venue so we can all get to know each other better (and enjoy something sweet!) before the workshop begins, so make sure you're in town for that!
When should I arrive? 
Can I get connected with other attendees before the workshop? 
Definitely! We connect all the attendees in a private Facebook group months before the workshop so you can meet each other, make hotel reservations together, coordinate rides to and from the airport, etc. 
Don't forget your favorite lenses for the styled shoot! You’ll have the chance to photograph a bride and groom, and details, too! A laptop with a card reader and editing software is optional. If you want to have your computer open while we’re teaching Photo Mechanic and Lightroom so you can have a more hands-on editing experience, go for it! If you prefer just to watch us, that’s cool, too! Other than that, just bring your cute smiles and a big appetite for learning (and good food!). 
Just let us know in advance and we’ll make sure you get something delicious for lunch and dinner both days! 
Speaking of food, what if I have allergies or intolerances? 
You bet! You just need to pay the 50% non-refundable retainer to secure your seat. You can pay the second half one month before workshop. 
Are payment plans available?
They're not refundable, but if for some reason you're not able to attend, you can sell your seat to someone else! 
A lot of the information will be approached through the wedding photography lens (and some of it will be specific to wedding photographers only), but there’ll be tons of crossover for portrait photographers, too! We’ve had maternity, newborn, senior, and family photographers all attend the workshop, and they’ve all encouraged other portrait photographers to take it, too.
Is the workshop just for wedding photographers? 
We’ve had photographers with little to no experience attend all the way to photographers with fifteen years of professional experience and everything in-between. As a general rule, if you’re a photographer who has a DSLR camera and a professional lens, is comfortable with manual exposure, and wants to improve in natural lighting, posing, composition, editing, and grow a successful business by building a stronger online marketing presence through a website, blogging, social media, and a consistent client experience from start to finish, this workshop is for you.
How much experience do I need for this workshop? 
Since we'll be taking behind-the-scenes photos both days and doing mini-headshots on Day 2 — and posting a lot of them on our blog — wear whatever you’re most comfortable being photographed in. 
We intentionally limit the seats of each workshop to ensure a small class size and a safe, warm learning environment, so each workshop is limited to 16 awesome attendees. 
How many attendees will there be? 
Absolutely! You'll find loads to do in Downtown Scottsdale! You can hit up one of our favorite restaurants like Oregano's Pizza Bistro or get lost in all the luxury shopping of Scottsdale Fashion Square. If you're looking for some scenic desert spots, check out Papago Park or Desert Botanical Garden. If you have a rental car, the famous red rocks of Sedona are just a few hours away! Hit the Four Seasons on your way for prickly pear iced tea at Proof and finish your day with dinner at El Chorro and you’ve had the total Arizona experience. Or, just grab your favorite book and hang by the pool if it’s not too hot! That’s an Arizona experience, too! 
If I want to extend my stay in Scottsdale, is there more to do?