Who better to tell you what it’s like than the ladies who’ve been there?

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“When you combine Amy’s eye and Jordan’s savoir flair They’re an unparalleled duo.”

Dani & Will

“Amy and Jordan’s joy is contagious. They’re a sign post for marriage and what selfless love looks like toward their couples and each other.”


“Amy and Jordan are undoubtedly among the most talented photographers in the nation. There’s a greater theme that inspires and drives Amy and Jordan’s unmatched talent: love. Amy and Jordan simply understand love.” 


“They just have that spark. They’re one of a kind people with one of a kind talent.”


“On our wedding day, Amy & Jordan weren’t just photographers; they were part of our family.”


“The best feeling in the world on your wedding day is having someone there you trust one hundred percent. We’d recommend Amy and Jordan to anyone in a heartbeat.”


“They are truly the most kind, hard working, loving couple you may ever meet. They live and breathe love. Their passion and excitement rubs off on you and pulls you in.”


“Our photos are beyond anything we could’ve ever dreamed.”


“Amy and Jordan went the extra mile to make us feel special. They are, by far, the best in the business.”

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so that fifty years from now...

We feel privileged to have the honor of preserving a young couple’s love in its raw, pure, joyous, unfiltered, emotional state for generations to come,

What We Do
Why We Do

and, one page at a time...

...when our clients are grandparents and their granddaughter gets engaged, they’d be able to open their wedding album

and she’d know...

...that 20-something would be able to witness, in living color, the real, fresh, vibrant emotion come back to life and jump right off the page,


...by feeling, not just by seeing, how much her grandpa loved her grandma and the legacy of love she’s soon to inherit, preserve, and, ultimately, pass on to the next generation one day, too,

change the world...

...we believe that a legacy of love, passed from one family generation to the next, has the power to transform marriages and, therefore, entire family trees, and, thus,

we’ve got what we’ve got because of what was given to us...

...we know that between our parents and grandparents, we inherited a mantle of marriage over 250 years long, and it’s never lost on us that


your children and grandchildren, too.

because we want to help you give it to

...and we're wedding photographers